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Reputation Management is a key to being found online.

This will result in strong lead generation and increased revenue for your firm.

If you asked the average business owner what the purpose of their website was, they’d probably give you an answer like, “to give an online representation of our business,” or “to show our work or services,” or “it’s our online business card/our brochure”. That’s all wonderful, but if you get down to it, the real reason that your website should exist is to secure more sales and increase your revenue. Truthfully, everything else is second fiddle. Your website should be a magnet to your prospects; it should consistently attract more calls, inquiries and visits to your business. Your website should be your workhorse—on the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no holidays.

Let’s say that we have a florist in the local Vancouver area that has a website. This business believes that their web site should only be an online representation of their business—a placeholder. Their website doesn’t look too appealing; it’s not fine-tuned for converting more prospects into customers; it’s not optimized for the search engines or any other type of traffic. How much business can this florist’s website pull in? It’s guaranteed that this website is underperforming. That website is not working for the florist; it’s just taking up server space and hosting fees.
At Juiced SEO, we believe in designing and optimizing websites that will work for your business. You should want your phone to ring; for your email inbox to be overflowing; for people to be bursting through your doors. We are a leading web design Vancouver company.

Here’s the dilemma that most Vancouver business owners face: They’re not web design or online marketing experts. When you’re not an expert, it becomes difficult to take command of your online presence.
But that’s okay. We are the experts. We know how to build and maintain an authoritative online presence. And, as anyone who ever worked with us will tell you, we are pretty darned good at what we do.

Web design isn’t merely about what color scheme you choose. It’s not about incorporating the latest and greatest fads in the design industry. It’s much more than making your website look pretty (though an appearance is very important). It’s about making your web presence as holistic as possible. We use sound design principles to create a website that not only looks good but functions well.

We introduce an intelligent approach to web design that encompasses everything a business owner needs to worry about. We believe that the appearance of the website must look as polished as possible while also being user-friendly. Having the latest bells and whistles is fine if it doesn’t detract from the user experience. Many web designers will add things to a site that doesn’t need to be there. Elements of a web site should only add to the experience; if an element slows a website down, making it difficult for people to access the site, then it pointlessly detracts from the user experience. We don’t believe in doing that.

We want your website to convert more prospects into customers. That requires a deep understanding of conversions and how to refine them, so that you can exponentially increase your revenue. To get your phone ringing, we use strong call-to-actions that compel visitors to complete whatever action that you want them to. That action could be making a purchase online, walking through your door, or call you on the phone.
Here’s the bottom line: We are bona fide experts at not only designing websites, but building a complete web presence that will get prospects knocking down your doors.

Let’s get started in building that web presence. Call us today at 866-307-2394, and we’ll show you what we can do for your business.

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