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Social Media Marketing is the key in being found online.

This will result in strong lead generation and increased revenue for your firm.

As a business owner, it’s safe to say that you’re aware of the power of social media. You’ve probably heard the stories of businesses rapidly growing their brand due to platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and you may have even put up your business page on these platforms. It’s clear that local businesses in Vancouver (and elsewhere) have flocked to platforms like Facebook. Facebook itself has reported that there are now over 30 million small businesses with active pages.

But the question arises: How many of those small businesses are using the platform properly, to its true potential? How many of those 30 million can say that Facebook helped to build their brand and exponentially increase their business? Only a small fraction of those 30 million are extracting real value in the platform.
We’ve heard it first-hand from businesses in the Vancouver area. They do not know how to market their business on a social media platform. Businesses lack the understanding of what social media marketing entails, so their Facebook or Twitter page underperforms.

It makes sense that most businesses are not capable of creating and maintaining a strong social presence. There are only so many hours in the day, and business owners are busy. They don’t have the time to devote to learning how to market their business on these platforms. We’ll hear things like “We have a Facebook page, but there is very little activity on it” or “We have Facebook and Twitter pages, but they don’t have many Likes or Followers.” Many business owners are even complacent with the weakness of their social media marketing because they have a website, and they think that it’s enough.

The truth is that social media can boost your business. It’s just a matter of taking the right steps to ensure that your pages are properly optimized. It’s not enough to just create a page and wait for the activity to stream in. You need to take a proactive strategy to garner more interest in your social media pages.

When we work with Vancouver businesses on their social media accounts, we ask several probing questions to better understand their business and how their social media pages can fit into their market:

1. How do your social media accounts impact your overall marketing strategy?
2. Do your social media accounts support your SEO?
3. Currently, how active is your business on social media?
4. Do your competitors use social media? If so, are they successful with it?
5. What are your plans and goals for growing your online community? How does social media fit into that?
6. How do you respond to online feedback—whether it’s positive or negative?
7. Do you know how to create engaging content for social media?
8. Is your brand’s identity apparent on your social media pages?

Answering these questions will help us to understand better how we can build an engaging social media presence for your business. We need to craft a message that hits your target market like a bulls-eye, and that requires an in-depth understanding of how active you are on social media already.
The thought of creating an active presence on social media can make certain business owners nervous. You shouldn’t worry. We work as partners with all of our clients so that their social media campaign is successful. We want to help refine your message, maximize your brand, and expand your reach in the local Vancouver market (or any other city and region). We take social media off your hands so that you can focus on running your business.
We want to work with you. Call us today to build and maintain a powerful social media strategy.

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Social Media can be a place where you can reach new and existing clients in a way that you never have before.  Learn how to take your leads and revenues to the next level with this method.

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